40 Years of Experience

Klune Industries was founded in 1972 in Southern California. Three decades later, through dedicated customer service, Klune Industries has become a preferred supplier to the aerospace and defense industry.

Strong teams and technologies

Klune Industries possesses some equipment and know-how that dates back to World War II. The Klune divisions have procured and invested in people and modern equipment. The continuity and appreciation of our teams and their skills enable Klune to have current bench strength well over thirty years in tenure.

Continuity and Innovation

Klune Industries is a beneficiary of retaining people with a strong history and culture, but also has evolved to accept the addition of new people in leadership roles with skills and tools that have adapted the principles of Goal Deployment, Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma business practices. Our leadership enhances our culture and it is flourishing by changing and improving the value we add to our processes.