Operational Excellence

Klune Industries is continuously aligning its organization and processes to meet our customer's requirements and our key company goals.

Continuous Improvement

Klune showed its commitment to Continuous Improvement in 2011 by hiring a VP of CI who reports directly to the CEO. The CI Department consists of seasoned professionals with experience in implementing Lean and Six Sigma principles. Since inception the group has made major progress by working with teams to reorganize the facility for better flow, implement 5S across the company including the office areas, create Standard Work, reduce setup time, reduce run time, implement Total Productive Maintenance, reduce production and material handling defects, and reduce paperwork defects.

Our operations build on Lean Manufacturing principles with a focus on quality and delivery performance. We consistently conduct Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects to improve our engineering, manufacturing and customer service operations to the benefit of our employees, share holders, partners and customers. We seek and hire new talented professionals who share our commitment to growth and innovation with a focus on continuous improvement.

Integrated Program Management

All programs at Klune Industries are directly placed under the control of an Integrated Program Management Team (IPT). Utilizing Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies and continuous improvement principles, all team members review and manage contractual requirements, materials supply, scheduling, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our engineering teams provide necessary support throughout the entire initial project startup phase and also beyond in order to ensure a successful launch, support continuous production improvements, process refinement and cost reductions.

Total Quality

Klune Industries operates under ISO 9001:2000. Two plants recently achieved AS9100C certification and the third plant is pursuing the certificate. Our facilities are also NADCAP certified for Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Chemical Processing, Prime, Paint, Dry Film Lube, and Heat Treating. Our Quality Requirements Manual (QRM) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) define our Quality Program and have been approved by our customers and partners and are regularly audited by Defense Contract Management (DCM). All Klune Industries sub-contractors are surveyed and audited to verify they comply with our minimum quality program requirements and that they have the necessary processes and controls in place to effectively support our programs.