Phenom 300 Inlet Assembly

Klune provides the complete inlet assembly for the Phenom 300 business jet. This includes a titanium machined component coming out of Klune Spanish Fork and sheet metal forming out of Klune North Hollywood.


Klune has to manage different alloys and composite components coming from a series of sub-contractors in order to complete the final assembly in our North Hollywood division. This both mechanical and welded assembly has to follow extremely tight tolerances. Key components such as the titanium piccolo tube and the lip skin are produced directly by Klune.


Klune's manufacturing teams have been working closely with the customer's engineering teams to set-up the tools, production processes and controls to meet the requirements of the Phenom 300 program. This involves a dedicated lean assembly cell and specially trained Klune personnel.


This program has established Klune as a preferred supplier of larger and complex nacelle assemblies for medium size business jets.

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