RATTLRS Fuselage

Klune provides the complete fuselage assembly for the new supersonic missile system RATTLRS. This includes revolutionary concepts for the fuel tank and airframe structure, a combination of titanium and inconel.


Klune's manufacturing teams have been working closely with the customer's engineering teams to set-up the tools, production processes and controls to meet the requirements of the RATTLRS program, including very tight tolerances.


Klune has dedicated an entirely new space in its North Hollywood facility in order to execute the program. A new comprehensive project planning methodology has been implemented involving both Klune engineering and manufacturing teams. Tools, fixtures and key components have been realized in Klune's Spanish Fork division.


This program is a key milestone in the extended partnership Klune has now established with the Lockheed Skunkworks Research and Development teams. It has definitively established Klune as a preferred supplier for high level complex assemblies.

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